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Ali Al-Baghli
Kuwait-Iraq relations stronger than your DAESH tendencies

A SOCIAL networking website in Kuwait announced the formation, last Sunday, of a committee — I hope this news is not true — ‘Committee to Support the Iraqi Nation’. Unfortunately, the members of the committee are a group of activists who organized street demonstrations and largely remain isolated. It is a group of people breathing out sectarian malice. The role of the members of this group — according to the news on the website — is to support the followers of the Baath party, murderers and those who behead people and eat their liver — all done in the name of supporting the Sunnis of Iraq.

The members of this group by doing so have poured cold water on the opinions of the revered Sheikhs of Sunna in Iraq such as Ahmad Al-Kabeesi, Khalid Al-Mulla, Abu Resha and Abdulsalam Al-Samaraa’e and other honest Iraqis. According to the website this ‘odd’ group will financially support Raghad Saddam Hussein, Ezzat Al-Abras, Ali Hatem and the caliph of DAESH Abubakar Al-Baghdadi by collecting millions in the name of liberating Syria from the rule of Bashar Al-Assad, the man who is still at the helm of affairs in Damascus.

The mindset of these people who adore dinars and dollars is to collect money, nothing but money, by announcing the launch of this heinous campaign. We ask members of this group, people alike and those who support or sympathize with them, ‘Of what benefit is it for us to host our sworn enemies at our borders’. Saddam and his followers for whom we collected money were the ones who invaded us (Kuwait). History is repeating itself because many Kuwaitis supported Saddam in the 1980s and they gave him money and he returned the favor by invading Kuwait, ‘removing’ it from the map of the world and displacing its citizens. This was Saddam’s way of returning favors and the supporters of Saddam and DAESH want to bring the same fate — God forbid — at our doorstep.

To the betrayers of Kuwait — its people, its sea, air and land — we remind them of what the Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq told KUNA on the tenth anniversary of resumption of diplomatic ties between the two countries. He said, “The steps taken by the two countries over the past ten years particularly in recent times are distinguished and a leap in bilateral relations.” Bahar Al-Oulom said the crime of Iraqi invasion of Kuwait — which this group wants to re-live — is a crime committed by one man against brotherly relationship, neighborhood, friendship and intimacy.

These are not the characteristics of Islam or Arabism or the morals of Iraqis their habits and traditions.
Bahar Al-Oulom was grateful in remembering the historical stand adopted by Kuwait in 2003 when the issue of Iraq’s membership in the Arab League surfaced.

He said Kuwait’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohammed Sabah Al-Salem entered the conference hall hand in hand with Iraq’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Hoshiar Zebari. This wonderful historical portrait indicates Kuwait took the leading role in bringing Iraq back to the Arab fold.
Bahar Al-Oulom also remembered the stand taken by HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed at the Sirte Summit in Libya when he emphasized the right of Baghdad to host the next summit in 2012. Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad also insisted on attending this summit.
To maintain good relations between two old neighbors it is necessary to confront this sectarian group which does not want to see this country prospering. A testimony of this is their ‘internal’ and ‘external’ behavior.


By Ali Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil

By: Ali Al-Baghli

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