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Kuwait Dive Team members work on the flag post at Umm Al-Gaz Island
Deal to cut prices of some basic commodities for 1 yr Co-op union signs agreement with some traders

 KUWAIT CITY, June 2: Chairperson of the Kuwait Union of Cooperative Societies Ali Hassan disclosed that the union has signed an agreement with some traders to reduce the prices of some basic consumer commodities through the Prices Fixing Committee for a minimum of one year, reports Al- Seyassah daily. He disclosed the agreement has opened door for future partnership that will consolidate objective efforts to reduce pressure on consumers, while providing commodities at the lowest cost.

He said agreement that took place for the first time was natural and opened channels for interaction between the Prices Fixing Committee, traders and major companies that welcomed the idea by extending hands of fellowship. He is of the view that the latest development will keep the concerned parties moving to fulfill the major objective among all other objectives for which the cooperative activity was established, citing stable prices and provision of high quality commodities.

He added the major companies at the meeting agreed on need to offer promotional sales on commodities that are in high demand in the markets to ensure that residents of the respective areas enjoy their services. Meanwhile, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) has issued a circular to all governmental authorities in which it classified the career groups in the organizational structure of the authorities into 17 with several branches, reports Al-Shahed daily.

In the circular, CSC explained that the classification groups include medical and health jobs, engineering jobs, training and education jobs, information technology jobs, science jobs, jobs related to animal resources, jobs related to agriculture and water resources, jobs involving arts, letters, media and public relations, jobs related to law, politics and Islamic affairs, financial, economic and commercial jobs, jobs on statistics, development and follow-up, jobs on administrative support and jobs related to leadership and supervision. It indicated that the due financial merits to be given will be between KD 170 and KD 450.

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