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Yaqoub, Nasser clinch Zain ‘Ramadan’ Open Stage-1 titles Al-Shatti, Dabuet & Avila dominate qualifying round

KUWAIT CITY, July 1: At the on-going 2014 ZAIN Ramadan Open Bowling Tournament being held at the Cozmo Bowling Center in Khaifan, Kuwaiti pin busters Yaqoub Al Shatti and Nasser Hajras bowled true to form to clinch the Group 1 and 2 Stage-1 titles respectively. Meanwhile, in the main event of the tenpin bowling competition sponsored by ZAIN, Yaqoub Al Shatti and Dabs Dabuet are currently dominating the qualifying round in their respective divisions while on top in the special event for Ladies is Michelle Avila.
After the first 10 days of the qualifying round, the Top 8 in Group 1 and 2 based on their highest 5 sets scores advance to the 8-game series Stage-1 finals. Contesting the prizes at stake in Group 1 were Ibrahim Dubayan, Fahad Abul, Abdulatef Omairi, Yaqoub Al Shatti, Ayad Al Amiri and Aseel Al Roomi. Veteran campaigner and multi-titled Yaqoub Al Shatti quickly showed his mastery of the field by taking a 6-mark lead after posting an opening 2-game series score of 427 from his 199 and 228 scores in game 1 and 2.

The early pace setters also included Ayad Amiri-360, Aseel Al Roomi-359 and Abdulatef Omairi-347. At the halfway mark, Yaqoub stretched his lead to 8 marks over the now second ranked Abdulatef who submitted a 754. By far the most consistent kegler, Yaqoub now with 1247 literally shut the door on his opponents after another two games as he emerged 140 pin falls clear from the Aseel who collected a 6-game score of 1107.
To put the icing on the cake, Yaqoub closed out his successful stint in explosive style as he rolled a tenacious 278 and 228 in games 7 and 8 that brough his final 8-game tally to a title winning 1753 total. Aseel checked in with 1531 to bag the first runner up prize.
Moving to Group 2, the finalists were Michelle Avila, Abdullah Dubayan, Alfred Avila, Nasser Hajras, Lito Igot, Dabs Dabuet and Aris de Guzman. Off to a good start was Dabs Dabuet (457) who took the lead after two games courtesy of his big 257 in game 1. A close second at this point was Aris de Guzman with 431 followed by Nasser Hajras-428, Lito Igot-418, Michelle Avila-407, Alfred Avila-383 and Abdullah Dubayan-357.

A 215 and 215 outputs in game 3 and 4 handed Nasser (856) the lead followed at this stage by Aris-835, Lito-819 and Dabs-807. A red hot Nasser left behind his rivals in the next two games as his 216 and 204 scores increased his markers to 1276 pin falls. A far second was Lito with 1167 followed by Dabs-1157 and Aris-1153. Nasser then bagged the top prize as he cruised home with 210 and 220 scores for a final 8-game series score of 1708. Lito went on to grab the first runner up plum with 1521 final score.
Going to the latest standings in the main event of the tournament, currently at the helm of the Group leader board is Yaqoub Al Shatti with 2488 pin falls through best 2-game series sets of 513, 509, 506, 494 and 466.
Not far behind in second is the diminutive Ayad Al Amiri with 2333 followed by the rest of the Top 20 that include Abdulatef Omairi-2316, Ibrahim Dubayan-2305, Ronnel Valencia-2266, Aseel Al Roomi-2244, Merhdad Tabibzadeh-2208, Fahad Ragheeb-2158, Abdullah Behbehani-2115, Tony Zuleta-2094, Fahad Abul-2065, Fadel Qassem-2063, Ali Mulla-2024, JR Sabado-2003, Mousa Abdullah-1983, Al Bautista-1956, Romy Fermil-1907, Abdul Aziz Al Shatti-1777, Vernie Villaruel-1368 and Mustafa Dardara-1189.

In Group 2 topping the list after two weeks was Dabs Dabuet who carded a 10-game series score of 2207 (451, 450, 432, 422, 422). Hot on the heels of Dabs is Kuwait Youth kegler Abdullah Dubayan with 2184 followed by Alfred Avila-2172, Mike Gonzales-2161, Ferdie Saliba-2143, Nasser Hajras-2138, Michelle Avila-2111, Hanadi Mezaiel-2098, Jacky Guitang-2082, JP Genciana-2075, Lito Igot-2066, Lito Michael-2033, Aris de Guzman-2024, Janet Shaikh-2022, Pilar Villanueva-2016, Jess Tolentino-2010, Bert Pantanilla-2006, Newell Sioxch-2003, Kareem Al Enezi-1994 and Mariam Qabandi-1992.
Finally in the special Ladies Division event the Top 16 are as follows, Michelle Avila-2111, Hanadi Mezaiel-2098, Jacky Guitang-2082, Aris de Guzman-2024, Janet Shaikh-2022, Pilar Villanueva-2016, Mariam Qabandi-1992, Elvie Sotio-1961, Nasha King-1907, Altaf Karam-1844, Norie Sairat-1800, Blanca Mercado-1771, Latifa Arty-1633, Rawan Al Omaini-1471, Hessa Al Juraid-1439 and Fatima Al Shatti-1071.

By Miguel Carlos
Special to the Arab Times

By: Miguel Carlos

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