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Breaking of the day’s fast is announced by the firing of a cannon at the Nayef Palace at Maghrib time
Over 5,000 deported persons caught trying to enter: report 68 expats held in Ahmadi to be deported

KUWAIT CITY, July 1: Director of Personal Interrogation and Automated Investigation Sector at the General Department for Criminal Evidences Colonel Dr Hamid Al-Khalidi affirmed that the sector has discovered over 5,000 cases of deported expatriates who tried to re-enter the country.

In a press statement issued by the Ministry of Interior, Dr Al- Khalidi revealed that the sector reviewed about 7.65 million fingerprints while the concerned officials study almost 3,000 files per day.

He explained that the sector is primarily concerned with security and service aspects, adding that it has 12 specialized technical units at all governorates where letters and requests from Kuwaitis and expatriates as well as from other security agencies are received.

Dr Al-Khalidi further explained that the database of the sector has about 7 million civil fingerprints and 650,000 criminal fingerprints, disclosing that the information obtained from reviewing the fingerprints will assist in obtaining information about individuals regarding whether they were involved in cases in the past. He added that the sector has been using electronic correspondence system within various departments to accomplish transactions.

68 face expulsion: Officers from the Patrol and Operations Department affiliated to the Ahmadi Security Directorate arrested 218 individuals, issued 113 traffic citations, seized 4 vehicles, handled 315 traffic accidents and dealt with 385 security reports during intensive security campaigns that they launched in Ahmadi Governorate from June 22-28.

According to a press statement, 68 expatriates out of the 218 arrested individuals were referred for deportation while 57 individuals were arrested for not holding their Civil IDs, 11 who violated the Residency Law, 54 who are wanted by law for civil cases, 13 wanted by law for criminal cases, 9 wanted for security cases and 6 in possession of illicit drugs. The arrested individuals were referred to various authorities for necessary legal action against them.

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