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No respite as Adan doctor beaten by patient’s companion

KUWAIT CITY, June 30: In the absence of securitymen, a Kuwaiti citizen assaulted a doctor at the Emergency Unit of Adan Hospital. Well informed sources said the doctor fell on the ground with a broken nose and bruises in other parts of the body and bled profusely from his nose. Sources told Al-Seyassah daily that the doctor who’s of Arab nationality was on duty at 2:30 am when two Kuwaitis arrived at the emergency unit.

One of them was severely injured due to a fight he had with someone outside the hospital. They said the doctor requested the injured person to wait for a while until the surgeon arrives due to deep injuries he sustained which required the attention of a surgeon. To his surprise, the other citizen who accompanied the injured person pounced on the doctor and started beating him without any policeman at the scene to intervene or protect the doctor.

Meanwhile, there was no officer on duty at the Ahmadi police station when the hospital official in charge called to report the incident, so the suspect escaped and the patient denied knowing him.

‘Spiderman’ robs Iranian: Police are looking for two people for stealing the wallet of an unidentified Iranian man containing KD 880, reports Al- Shahed daily. According to the complainant one of the men was wearing a ‘Spiderman’ mask and the other was armed with a knife. The incident happened in Abu Halifa.


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