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No new MERS case found Virus curtailed in Saudi

KUWAIT CITY, June 30: The Chairman of the Corona Rapid Intervention team Dr Ghanem Al-Hujailan was quoted as saying no new cases have been detected except for the three cases which were reported earlier, reports Al-Rai daily. He disclosed there is a huge reduction in the number of patients affected by the virus particularly in Saudi Arabia because of the efforts made by the Saudi authorities to contain the malady. Al-Hujailan added, however, during the Hajj season more cases are expected to be found.

He said according to health authorities no vaccine has yet been found to eliminate the virus and that what the Americans have done is to prevent the infection from one person to another and not to treat the disease itself. He mentioned 20 percent of those suffering from the disease are because of people to people contact including doctors and nurses.

He spoke of some improvement in this area by means of sterilization that has largely contributed to killing the virus in few minutes by exposing it to ultraviolet rays inside operation rooms. He added the devices invented to kill the virus are important in the way of protecting the people and preventing the appearance of new cases.

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