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Panels formulate special law to organize rehab centers, hospitals

KUWAIT CITY, June 30: The legal committees at the Ministers Council have formulated a special law for organizing the rehabilitation centers and private hospitals in Kuwait, which the Ministry of Health will refer to the National Assembly to vote on the law at the beginning of the next parliamentary term, reports Al- Anba daily quoting informed sources. They said the law, if approved, will contribute in increasing the efficiency of the healthcare sector in Kuwait, adding that the law has gained the support and appreciation of the Ministers Council, as the latter is concerned about supporting Ministry of Health in improving the health services and increasing the efficiency of the healthcare sector.

Meanwhile, sources explained that the ministry has issued a number of recommendations including increasing beds for patients in clinics, increasing the number of medical centers and hospitals in all governorates in Kuwait and approving the qualification and experience requirements for nursing and other medical staff. Meanwhile, MP Abdullah Al- Tamimi has called on the authorities to pay more concern to the education of bedoun students by increasing their quota in educational institutions, reports Al-Rai daily.

He affirmed the issue of their education has to be solved without any delay to facilitate their admission at the university. He mentioned the students who have completed their high school stage need to be encouraged to complete their university education. He also said the bedoun students deserve the support of the officials and educational institutions to complete their studies and help them realize their ambitions for a better future. In the meantime, Ministers of Housing and the Municipality Affairs will submit a work report on the South Saad Al-Abdullah Residential City off the Sixth Ring Road to the Council of Ministers, reports Al-Anba daily quoting reliable sources. The report is concerning 43,000 res-idential units built on 70 million square meters of land consisting of 43 thousand residential units. The sources said the Council will be informed of the date of handing over the land and also the work’s results to the committee formed by the minister of housing. Meanwhile, the Orientation Center for Studies and Researches says it analyzed the historic speech delivered by HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah last week regarding the recent issue that shook the national media and affirmed that it contained 940 words, 21 paragraphs and 10 major concepts, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

The center explained that the Amir used 24 words to describe irresponsible freedom leading to major negative consequences in his opinion, while he used 18 words to describe the bad method by which the media and social networking websites handle issues. The center stressed that the speech also dealt with other major aspects besides freedom and media, indicating that HH the Amir used straight forward words to discuss those aspects, which reflected his concern for the public. It clearly interpreted the expressions, effects, recommendations, warnings and strong impressions the Amir has about those incidents.

In another development, Head of Parliament’s Youth and Sports Committee MP Dr Abdullah Al-Turaiji affirmed the existence of a preplanned agenda of some local sports associations to create problems and suspend Kuwaiti sports, demanding the government to shoulder the responsibility and take decisive action against them as well as international sports associations that refuse the modifications made to Decree 26/2012, reports Al-Rai daily. He said, “International sports organizations other than the local Olympic Committee do not have the right to interfere in the local legislations of any country”, explaining that some associations and organizations have rejected modifying the membership period of clubs’ administrations to two terms. He added that the Olympic Committee opposed the modifications even though they do not oppose any international sports pacts.

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