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Focus on mental status of maid in sponsor girl’s kill Ex-wife gets children’s custody

KUWAIT CITY, June 29: The Criminal Court chaired by Judge Mohammad Al-Khalaf adjourned until Sept 7 to review a report from the Psychiatric Hospital in the murder case against an Ethiopian maid charged for killing the 19- year old daughter of her sponsor. The culprit already confessed to the crime and declared she perpetrated the act while every member of the family was retired after a graduation ceremony dinner organized in honor of a relative.

Ex-wife wins case: The Personal Status Section of the Court of First Instance ordered a man to pay KD 350 in alimony to his estranged wife starting from the day he stopped spending on her. The court also granted the right of custody of their children to the exwife and obliged the husband to pay KD 600 monthly for their upkeep plus KD400 accommodation allowance and KD 3000 furnishing allowance. Plaintiff Attorney Mohammad Mohsin Al-Mutairi, on behalf of his client, sued the man for refusing to take care of the woman and the children, even though he is financially capable.

Deserving restored: The Administrative Court presided over by Judge Jassem Al-Rashid cancelled the decision issued for promoting two employees of General Planning Secretariat as heads of departments after surpassing an eligible employee who met the conditions specified by the Civil Service Commission. The court ordered the payment of KD 1,000 as compensation to the deserving employee. The plaintiff attorney Mubarak Ali Al-Nobait lodged a complaint on behalf of his client, demanding the cancelation of the decision

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