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Woman steals from Kuwaiti citizen’s flat Apartment shared with Jordanian

KUWAIT CITY, June 29: A Kuwaiti man has lodged a complaint and accused a female employee in the Operations Room of the Interior Ministry of stealing his belongings and cell phone by using a duplicate key, reports Al-Rai daily. Police are looking for the lady who forced open the lock and entered the apartment of the Kuwaiti citizen in Jabriya and escaped with his personal belongings plus a cell phone. The complainant said he shares the apartment with a Jordanian and he told him the lady who happens to be his exgirlfriend opened the door to the apartment with a duplicate key and left with the items. However, both the lady and the Jordanian have denied the story. The Jordanian even proved he was not in the apartment on that fateful day, stressing he was in a police station the whole day for questioning over a traffic accident.

Kuwaiti swindled: Police are looking for unidentified individual for swindling a Kuwaiti man who is believed to be in his 40s, reports Al- Rai daily. The suspect reportedly convinced the victim to join his lucrative business venture. The victim swallowed the bait and the suspect escaped with KD 3,600. The Kuwaiti has filed a complaint with the Surrah Police Station.

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