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HH the Amir received HH the Prime Minister
Draft bill to punish anybody who disrespects Kuwait flag

KUWAIT CITY, June 29: MP Nabil Al-Fadhil has presented a draft bill to punish anybody who disrespects Kuwait’s national flag by adding Article 33 (repeated) to law number 31/1970 of the amended provisions of the Penal Code issued with law number 16/1960.

The bill states, “Without prejudice to the severest punishment stipulated in the Penal Code, anybody who undermines, verbally or physically, the reputation and honor given to Kuwait’s national flag or its national anthem; or if the person intentionally fails to stand up in honor of the flag or he incites such acts or do something that undermines the flag’s reputation, will be detained for not more than three years and not less than one year with fine not exceeding KD 1,000 or any of these punishments.”

Meanwhile, the Financial and Economic Affairs Committee referred its report on the amendment to law number 7/2008 on the Built-Operate- Transfer (BOT) system and the Public Private Partnership (PPP) to the parliament for voting. Speaking to reporters after the committee meeting Sunday, Chairman Faisal Al-Shayei disclosed they rejected the government’s amendments Article 7 of the law which talks about the existing projects before working with the new law, and approved the amendment endorsed in the first deliberation on June 11, 2014.

He added there are minor amendments related to language, affirming the committee approved the proposal which was presented to the Parliament for voting in the second reading. Furthermore, the Human Resources Development Committee has reached an agreement with the government on the end-of-service benefit (indemnity) by adding KD200 to the salary of citizens working in the public and private sectors.

Committee Chairman Yakoub Al- Sanei disclosed the proposal, which is acceptable to the government and the Parliament, will be approved in Monday’s session “because we treat everyone equally and 2.5 percent will be deducted from the monthly salary to protect the State coffers.” He affirmed that they resolved the issue on minimum wage since the government has agreed to grant KD 200 increment for public and private sector workers, indicating the minimum wage will range from KD 700 to KD 800.

Reacting to allegations that the committee will look into the privileges granted to workers in the Oil Sector or any other sector, Al-Sanei asserted this is a baseless allegation.

By: Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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