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Kuwaitis can enter 77 countries without visas Finland, Sweden, UK to list

KUWAIT CITY, June 28: Business Insider website recently issued the list of passports whose holders do not need visas to enter countries with Kuwait on top of Arab nations and 52nd internationally, along with Jamaica, Ukraine and Marshal Islands, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to the website, those with Kuwaiti passports can enter 77 countries without visa, while Finland, Sweden and Britain are on top of the list as they can enter 173 countries without visas.

Meanwhile, those who hold American passports came in second position along with Denmark, Germany and Luxemburg as they can enter 172 countries without visa. On the Arab level, the United Arab Emirates occupied the 56th position as they can enter 72 countries without visa, Qatar came in the 57th position — 71 countries, Bahrain in the 59th position — 69 countries, Saudi Arabia in the 63rd position — 64 countries, Oman and Tunisia in the 64th position — 63 countries, and Egypt in the 70th position - 46 countries. On the other hand, those in the bottom of the list included Syria and Libya in the 86th position -39 countries, Lebanon and Sudan in the 87th position — 38 countries, Iraq in the 90th position — 31 countries, and Afghanistan in the 91st position - 28 countries. On the other hand, Kuwait is in ranked 49th internationally in the index of electronic government development in 2014 according to the report of the United Nations Economic and Social Affairs Department. Kuwait came last in the GCC while Bahrain ranked 18th, the UAE is 32nd, Saudi Arabia is 36th, Qatar is 44th and Oman is 48th.

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