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Private sector employees to be included in Indemnity Law Revised housing welfare laws to solve pending problem: MP

KUWAIT CITY, June 28: National Assembly Controller MP Saoud Al-Hureiji said the legislature added more accomplishments to its record after approving the proposed amendments to Housing Welfare Law numbers 47/1993 and 27/1995 in the first and second readings, reports Al-Qabas daily. Al-Hureiji revealed the Parliament also agreed to allow the private sector to participate in the implementation of housing projects, particularly the construction of residential units on idle State-owned land.

He asserted State Minister for Housing Affairs Yasser Abul has no more excuse in delaying the housing projects as he is now obliged to enforce the approved proposals. The lawmaker happily noted that the strengthened coordination between the executive and legislative authorities has, so far, addressed many issues. He said this is better than igniting conflicts and creating obstacles, stressing that the revised housing welfare laws will solve the pending housing problem which citizens have been grappling with for years.

Meanwhile, MP Adnan Abdulsamad asked the minister of communications if he has instructed the concerned bodies to conduct a thorough investigation on the alleged negligence which nearly caused a disaster at Kuwait International Airport. If yes, he wants to know details of the investigation. If no, he wants to know the reasons for not investigating the incident. He also queried if the pilot of the Middle East aircraft which belongs to a Lebanese airline had filed a complaint for being confused by the records of the control tower.

Meanwhile, Chairperson of the Human Resources Development Committee at the Parliament MP Yaqoob Al-Sanei disclosed the panel and the government has reached an agreement on the inclusion of private sector employees in the Indemnity Law by granting them a financial reward upon end of service, reports Al-Anba daily. Al-Sanei clarified the panel will finalize its decision on Sunday, affirming the initial meeting between the two parties led to an agreement on some amendments, such as the inclusion of employees who retired due to health problems or complete disability, as well as those who turned 65 years old even if they didn’t serve for 35 years of service or those who passed away.

He said the inclusion of private sector employees does not mean cancellation of their end-of-service benefit as per the Civil Work Law. He added the government also proposed reduction of minimum indemnity for those whose salaries are less than KD1,000 upon retirement, which means it is not required to grant KD18,000 end-ofservice package to these workers.

In the meantime, MP Mohammad Al-Hadiya indicated the possibility of submitting a grilling request against the Minister of Public Works Abdulaziz Al-Ibrahim in the coming phase because he failed to divulge some crucial information about the committee that was assigned to discuss the issues of his previous interpellation, reports Alam Alyawm daily.

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