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Talented young Kuwaiti golf players who were honored for their achievements display their trophies
20 talented players awarded with trophies Kuwait Golf Committee holds awarding ceremony

KUWAIT CITY, June 27: The Kuwait Golf Committee held a ceremony at the Sahara Club Thursday night, ending its 2013/2014 season by honoring players that have achieved admirable heights in regional and local championships. Head of the Kuwait Golf Committee Mazen Al-Ansari affirmed the achievements this season are indications that the sport is headed at the right direction in terms of promotion and development of the golf in Kuwait. In his speech, Al-Ansari noted that although great heights were achieved this season, there were some difficulties that hindered progress, most prominent was finding a balance between training the players and their studies, but with the support of parents and the determination of the players, they were able to overcome this.

Speaking to the Arab-Times after the ceremony, Al-Ansari was happy to say that the under 15 Kuwait national team was able to acquire 3rd place at the Pan Arab Golf Championship, which included around 14 competing countries, and Ali Al-Ansari, one of the team members, secured 2nd place in overall gross.
Considering both the Committee and the sport are relatively new in Kuwait, and that it was the 1st time Kuwait has participated in this category with a full team, this achievement is a first of its kind.

In addition, the under 15 Kuwait national team, were also able to secure 2nd place at the GCC youth golf championship held in Oman earlier this year, which was a newly adapted age category. The GCC golf championship for youth under 15, was a result of convincing the organizing committees to hold such championship, as it is difficult to pitch an 18 year old against a 13 or 14 year old. “They are the future of golf in Kuwait” said Mazen Al-Ansari as he pointed out that there are more 15 and under young golf players that there are 18 and under in Kuwait.

When asked whether there has been an increase in young golf players over the last year, Al-Ansari said that unfortunately, there was no increase in participation, but a lot of effort is being done in terms of promoting the sport. Since parents stand between the sport and the youth, the committee believes that the strategy to follow is to convince parents that golf is a gentleman’s sport, there is no aggression, it teaches honesty, integrity and discipline. By gaining the parents interest in the sport, kids will be more interested in participating in return, Al-Ansari explained, which is something that the Kuwait Golf Committee is hoping to achieve in the coming years.

Moreover, Al-Ansari lamented that the committee played a big role in convincing the GCC organizing committee to establish a women’s championship in the GCC, which was met with positive feedback from most of the GCC countries. He said that although GCC countries have individual women golf players, Kuwait is the only country with a full women’s golf team. For this reason, the committee is seeking to convince concerned parties around the region about the importance of including women in golf, like countries around the world, where women are already a part of this sport.

Mazen Al-Ansari’s opening speech was followed by a short video, highlighting memorable moments throughout the season, including snapshots of players during training, and during championships. Vice secretary of the Kuwait Golf Committee Bader Al-Bannai, and treasurer Abdulaziz Al-Mulla then took the stage for the awarding ceremony. Trophies were handed to over 20 talented golf players, honoring them for their achievements. First place for overall gross at the Kuwait National Championship was given to Abdulaziz Al-Sarawi, while first place in overall net was given to Wael Al-Welayti. The Women’s division was also honored, with Noor Al-Dosari securing first place and Hoor Qabazard in second.

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb
Arab Times Staff

By: Ahmed Al-Naqeeb

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