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A bargain for exchange

RADICALS cause more harm — material and immaterial — than help and surprisingly they persist in doing it their way. The social networking website recently published a picture of one radical whose face resembles DAESH, lacks tolerance and the brightness of Islam. The picture shows him going to visit a patient in a hospital, carrying in his two sinful hands a shroud with the words ‘paradise’ written on it. He offered this shroud to the patient as a souvenir. This image reminded us of a visit paid by a director of one of our schools, accompanied by his students, to a place where the dead are washed and the tomb where they are buried to remind them of the impending final rituals.

Those who saw this image said the one who surrenders to harm should have given to the patient a Holy Quran, a book to increase his knowledge or even a packet of candy instead of the shroud because this souvenir served as a reminder to the sick that he had come to the end of his journey on earth. Nonetheless, the person who gave the patient the shroud must remember that he may die in an accident or a car could run over him while leaving the hospital and kill him right in front of the hospital. One tweeter had to say this about the ‘father of shrouds’, ‘We know that everyone is destined to die, but we also have a right to live. The simple gift one can give to a person is what makes him happy’. A female tweeter commented saying, ‘When will the radicals understand that we are created to live and not live to die’?

This father of shrouds reminds us of the radical media men who provoke young men to go to Syria and Iraq to fight jihad or involve them in sectarian wars. But when it comes to them, they want their children to lead a happy married life. People who wonder about such attitudes should ask why these radical media men did not send their young sons to fight jihad and die martyrs to reach the climax of Islam. One TV presenter preferred honeymoon for his son with his virgin bride over jihad. Therefore, we warn such people to stop spreading the culture of death among the people particularly the young. We also ask them to ‘leave alone’ people who are happy and keep for themselves and those they love the shrouds of death — the shrouds which befit miserable people like them.

When this miserable radical was distributing shrouds to patients, we saw a Christian priest, a Jewish rabbi and a Muslim imam trying to crowd source funds to build ‘House of One’ where they can all worship together — the world’s first building to combine a church, a synagogue and a mosque under one roof — to strengthen the spirit of intimacy among those who belong to these three religions in a city which is lucky to have such clerics. We ask Berlin, the city that encourages the spread of this intimacy among people of all religions, if they would like to exchange their clerics with ours, 10 for 1.

By Ali Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil

By: Ali Al-Baghli

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