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Jahra jewellery thieves held by Saudis; extradition sought

KUWAIT CITY, June 25: Saudi Arabian security authorities have arrested 12 persons in Riyadh for their involvement in 166 theft cases and armed robbery, says Al-Seyassah. The suspects, who are members of four different gangs, have been implicated in a series of robbery incidents during which they stole various items and cash with a total estimated value of five million Saudi Riyals. It has also been reported that one of these gangs stole gold worth four million Saudi Riyals from Kuwait.

The arrest took place when the security officers in Riyadh intensified efforts to track down criminals in response to numerous armed robbery reports by the owners of commercial establishments and shops. Saudi authorities laid down a security plan that led to the arrest of five persons who are in their 20s and 30s. During investigation, the suspects admitted involvement in 91 theft cases, burglaries and armed robberies in different parts of Riyadh.

Moreover, the Criminal Evidence Department officers in Riyadh nabbed a person in possession of some pieces of jewelry that he stole from a Kuwaiti. The officers also arrested his accomplices in Hafer Al-Batin. Security sources revealed the arrest of the members of four gangs involved in robbery cases was made possible through strong coordination with the Interpol. Sources confirmed one of the gangs stole several pieces of gold jewelry worth KD300,000 in Jahra. Sources added the authorities have taken the necessary steps to extradite the accused to Kuwait and to return the stolen items.

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