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Reduction of annual leave from 30 to 15 days opposed Unfair to cut indemnity

KUWAIT CITY, June 25 MP YAKOUB Al Sanei presented a draft bill last week, proposing amendments to the Private Sector Labor Law and extensive cuts to worker benefits and compensation. In this week’s Arab Times poll, readers voted for the proposals they disagree the most with.

A majority of 32 percent voters stated that the cutting of annual leave from 30 days in half to 15 days, would affect them the most. “Time off work is critical. We run ourselves into the ground each day working in very stressful environments. Vacation time is the only breathing space we have to unplug and spend time with family and unwind”, a voter shared. For those working in the creative field, time off work is deemed essential to get a change of scene and develop new perspectives, away from the daily routine. “There are so many instances where these sudden sparks of ideas have hit me when I was off work”, an advertising professional stated.

Most people agree that while down time plays a great role in increasing productivity in the workplace by renewing enthusiasm, the 30 days off work is crucial to total wellness and health. “it is not uncommon to see overworked people succumb to heart attacks these days. I think life is more important than business”, a respondent commented. Following in close step, 30 percent of voters were opposed to the cuts in indemnity. “It is really unfair to workers who invest years in a company, are loyal, and instrumental in its growth to be denied adequate end of service benefits.” “I feel like these proposed amendments will reduce the working force to slaves. It is an affront to workers’ dignity, it shows no regard for the human being; we are being seen just as a cog in the corporate machinery”, a dismayed reader stated. 11 percent voted in favour of adequate compensation for workers who work in hazardous and harmful industries.

Occupational safety should be the prime importance of employers and in case of accidents, workers should be compensated well. 12 percent marked their displeasure at cutting of notice/resignation period from 3 months to 1 month.

While many deemed that the cut would make things very difficult for workers who rely on the company residence to continuing living in the country, others shared that this would favour employees who were resigning to move to better prospects. 8 percent of respondents deemed the prohibition of women from working between 10 pm and 7 am as unfair. Instead of restricting women from working night shifts, it would be better to ensure security for women at all times of the day, some noted.

While 3 percent of voters stated that the cut in public holidays from 13 to 8 days would affect them, only 2 percent of the respondents considered the cutting of Hajj leave from 21 days to 15 days to be objectionable. Another 2 percent expressed their dismay at the cutting of mourning leave and 1 percent of respondents object to the cutting of sick leave from 15 days to 10 days.

By: Cinatra Fernandes Arab Times Staff

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