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Arabs wake up to reality Kisses go long way in history

Despite the kisses that ‘Arafat’ planted on the foreheads and noses of leaders, the value of his kisses did not politically exist in memory, maybe because there were many. It is said that the beauty of something lies in its rarity! From a personal viewpoint, history memorialized two kisses — that of Sheikh Ghazi Ojail Al-Yawar when he received the seat of Iraq’s presidency during which he kissed the head of the HH the late Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah after the toppling of the tyrant Saddam Hussein, as if it was a kiss of apology from the Iraqi nation to all groups of the Kuwaiti nation.

Add to this the revered political status and diplomatic dignity of Al-Yawar in the political society, besides the unprecedented tribal and historical prestige. The kiss reflected the morals of this politically revered man. He was a dignified man so the ‘value’ of his kiss increased and it was highlighted by the media. Iraqi historian Abbas Al-Azzawi once said about Al-Yawar: “I saw him as an honest and solemn man whose fellowship is completely good.” The kiss remained in memory because it was not cheap.

The second kiss was witnessed a few days ago. I find it a historic kiss with military flavor and authentic Arab loyalty. It has been dedicated by Egyptian President Field Marshal Abdulfattah el-Sisi to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. When he found out that King Abdullah was unable to get down the plane, he took the initiative and ascended, setting aside the red carpet protocol as he behaved in line with the principles of a real Arab man.

Some Egyptians had a standoff on the incident as they thought the dignity of the Egyptian citizen and value of the Egyptian presidential seat has been downgraded, but I think they are wrong. Field Marshal Abdulfattah el-Sisi has proven that he is the wing which will deliver Egypt to the safe side and he will cover it once it is in danger. In the view of wise people in politics, he became more mature and serious diplomatically when he kissed the forehead of the godfather of Arabs and dean of GCC leaders — King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud.

For me, the kiss was not ordinary as it came from the president of a country to his counterpart from another country to express appreciation. I consider it a kiss from one country to another, not merely two officials who greeted each other. It was a homeland kissing a homeland. The dignity of Field Marshal and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques made me feel that countries can give kisses. When the Field Marshal kissed the forehead of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, I felt as if the Arab Republic of Egypt kissed the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Did you see that? I saw it through my heart.

I cannot fully express how much I appreciate and respect President El-Sisi as he brought back the oriental glory through his behavior. He did not only play the role of a strict military leader, he is truly a unique man and ruler who pushes us to register his biography to later serve as an example to the residents of the Middle East. Can you do more Your Excellency, Field Marshal?

Using a fatherly tone, not the tone of medals, he condoled the Al-Tahrir girl — a female journalist who was preparing a report on Al-Tahrir Square — as she felt prey in the hands of human monsters who assaulted her psychologically before devouring her body. He said at the time: “We are sorry. We are not good people.” He wanted to reassure her and took responsibility for the sin. However, he did not realize then that by taking such a step he proved to the entire world that Egypt is born anew.

Even when the toppled president — Mubarak — sustained a fracture, and his sons, who were imprisoned, asked the Field Marshal to see their father, he did not mind and allowed them to see him. If Umm Kalthoum was alive, she would have sung a political song for him starting with, “Enta Omry” (You are my lifetime) or “Amal Hayati” (You are my life’s hope).

On the contrary, we find the forged and fake fatherly enthusiasm, as well as the alleged tranquility on the face of Bashar Al-Assad whose media and its practitioners have been trying to deceive the Arab spectators. He will fail even if he began kissing the forehead of each Syrian. He will never succeed. The Arab citizen is no longer deceived attitudes by take, he became fiercer due to the fierceness of some leaders.

Does great Damascus need another el-Sisi to rescue Syrians from sectarian chaos, tyranny and arrogance? Do Homs, Halab, Lazqiya and the remaining Syrian cities need the kiss of life, or the artificial respiratory system that Bashar’s regime placed in the Syrian body, to revive a great homeland like Syria?
Nevertheless, a remarkable greeting full of appreciation and respect is hereby extended from the State of Kuwait to the presidential headquarters of the Arab Republic of Egypt to tell the latter that: “Oh! Egypt, you are good and safe because you trusted el-Sisi.”

By Entisar Al-Ma’tooq

By: Entisar Al-Ma’tooq

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