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Qallab can defend himself History is always just, unveils true colors of the journalists

COLUMNISTS of newspaper, as many people believe, are sincere mirrors of the society they live in, as they express opinions based on their feelings toward events happening in the society, and also represent the feelings of many groups. 

Writing is great integrity. Pen is like a destructive weapon that defends principles and national and societal values. Also, the pen is likened to a surgeon who handles cases efficiently and with confidence. Therefore, the columnist has prominent status in society because he characterizes honest opinion and credibility. There are reliable and ingenuous columnists who handle cases with sincerity, while other columnists have low credibility because they use the pen as tool for demolishing values and target the most heinous issues to harm national unity and peace in society.

We observe most of their writings are marred by racism and sectarianism but they suppose their opinions are proper. They mock anyone who opposes their opinion and their attitude is exposed through their writings- particularly if those who disagree with them do not share their religious doctrine or culture or political ideology.

You may find one of these columnists alleging he is liberal and claiming he accepts freedom of opinion and respect for different opinion, while in actual fact, he may be holding a pen just to spread sectarian strife, disguised as liberal. Such columnists launch scathing accusations against those who disagree with them in terms of their doctrine, thought and political ideology; despite promoting themselves as liberal. Columnists with the ugliest pen of sectarianism!

We also discover that their writings are full of abuses and downgrading of individuals who oppose their opinions. Sadly, these columnists have a large number of readers and there are many of them. Even so, history is always just and unveils the true colors of columnists who become manifest in their own writings.

All this came to mind when my colleague, Jordanian columnist Saleh al-Qallab, published an article in al-Jarida newspaper two days ago. The article incited altercations and angered several Shiites in Kuwait, as they understood the article in a different way from what the columnist wanted to say.

The level of anger the Shiites demonstrated is understood and respected, but it’s impossible for a person of al-Qallab’s caliber to write destructive ideas or principles-particularly as he is a veteran politician and former minister and an established columnist who knows the principle of honest writing so well. He does not need me to defend him, because he is capable of doing so, efficiently.

I share my opinion because he is not only my colleague in the newspaper, I also read his articles and follow him.  Needless to say, he is one of the most sincere person advocating Islamic unity and a common destiny for the Muslim nations. It was wise of Mr Saleh to write an article to clarify what he truly meant in the previous article when he said “I respect my brothers who got angry”. This is the way the big people should behave.

By Yousef Awadh

By: Yousef Awadh

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