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Scope TV asked to pay Sheikh damages

KUWAIT CITY, June 22: The Civil Court has instructed Scope TV and Talal Al-Saeed, in his capacity as an announcer in the channel, to pay KD80,000 compensation to Sheikh Faisal al-Humoud. Cases files indicate Talal al-Saeed uttered statements deemed offensive to Sheikh Faisal in a program aired by the channel on Oct 16, 2010 because of a complaint against Fajr al-Saeed. It is worth mentioning that this complaint is still under investigation.

Murder case: The Criminal Court, chaired by Judge Mohammed al-Khalaf, adjourned until Sunday the hearing on a case filed against an Ethiopian maid accused of killing a 19-year-old Kuwaiti girl, identified as Siham Fletah, for the defense panel to present its argument. When the accused appeared before the Public Prosecution, she admitted to killing the victim. She was quoted as saying at the time that she carried out the crime courageously as she realized the family members were very tired after attending a dinner party to celebration the graduation of a relative.

Announcer fined: The Misdemeanor Court has ordered announcer Mai al-Edan to pay KD50 and referred a civil case filed by Shams — an actress — to the concerned court. Attorney Hussein al-Asfour, Shams lawyer, disclosed the defendant posted offensive phrases against his client on Twitter, asserting such insults are unusual in our society.

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