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Violent crime spreading fast in society – lawyer Majority lacks tolerance: Al-Habeeb

KUWAIT CITY, June 22: Legal study has revealed a dangerous spread of violence in the society, wherein the country investigates a murder every 12 hours and the Public Prosecution registers a total of 806 crimes yearly. The study prepared by lawyer Hawra Al-Habeeb focused on crimes such as murder and assault. She asserted the figures are official and have been reckoned at the least, because the number keeps on increasing. She indicated the recent data is derived from the latest annual statistics on the types of crimes happening in Kuwait.

The study specified “attempted murder’’ but the category was not included in the study although it is rated among murder crimes, given that the murder itself did not occur only because of external factors that prevented the accused from going through with the heinous act. These factors could stem from the inability of the perpetrator to complete the act because he was caught in the process or the victim managed to survive, thus the crime is taken into account.

The study also explained that Kuwait in recent times has experienced gruesome murders that shook the public and caused fear in the community, because the community is not accustomed to the phenomenon. Lawyer Al-Habeeb in her research mentioned that the majority of people fail to realize that crimes did not start this year or last year. In reality, we have been observing scores of premeditated crimes in our courts on a daily basis and if there is a push to rectify the situation, it would have started several years ago, but it seems the sense of responsibility is lacking.

Another issue that is equally serious to murder and attempted murder crimes is violence which is becoming the common trait since the trait of forgiveness and remission in some people has disappeared. “We also observe that tolerance has become a demeaning trait-and in some instances, it’s even considered to be shameful. That’s why the majority of people have abandoned it”, laments lawyer Al-Habeeb. She indicated the community has reached a point where cases of divorce rarely end without criminal act, and the couple involved in such cases would thank Allah the Almighty if the process ends without crime committed.

This is because the majority of divorce cases end up with kidnapping of the children or preventing the other spouse from being the part of the children, which leads to attempted murder of one of the parties involved when he/she decides to avenge, particularly if the other party had resorted to the courts to attain the right in a legal manner.

She pointed to other kinds of crimes such as battery which leads to physical disability or even death. Crimes of abortion and severe harm, among other physical confrontations considered as dangerous. These are the crimes commonly found in the corridors of our courts, she indicated. Lawyer Hawra Al-Habeeb explained the objective of her research, which she stressed is to present to officials the reality of the situation, so that the right solution could be found. She also intended to make the society realize that crimes observed from time to time are merely a tip of the iceberg in relation to what is observed in the judicial corridors, and worst of all, when the perpetrators are never identified.

By: Jaber Al-Humoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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