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Health minister hails nod to citizens’ health insurance bill Law yet to be endorsed by parliament

KUWAIT CITY, June 22: Minister of Health Dr Ali Al-Obeidi is thrilled that government and the National Assembly agreed on the citizens’ health insurance bill, affirming the executive regulation will be completed six months after the law is published in the official gazette, and it will be activated one year after issuance of the executive regulation.

As regards to health insurance law, Al-Obeidi said the law is yet to be endorsed by the parliament. He pointed out that implementation of the law will pass through several stages, starting with execution of the regulation, and then bidding stage during which companies will present competitive bids for services, and with focus on quality services.

He stressed the ministry’s keenness to ensure the success of health insurance scheme through serious monitoring and supervision, and with support from other parties that will follow-up the implementation process. He indicated the law enforces cooperation between the public and private sectors in providing ideal health services to citizens, in a way that the private sector will be considered as partner and not competitor in health delivery.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Undersecretary for Private Sector Affairs in Ministry of Health Dr Muhammad Al-Khashti has said the ministry already received proposals from 90 percent of the hospitals in private sector as to the kind of services they can provide for citizens under the health insurance law. In a statement, Dr Al-Khashti indicated the ministry earlier requested officials in the public hospitals to refer specializations that need the support of the ministry, noting the sector will endeavor to compare supply and demand for the medical specialties which are available in the country and be informed about the medical specialties that are covered overseas.

Dr Al-Khashti indicated the passing of health insurance law needs more time for the completion of necessary legal procedures and the formation of committees to monitor the level of quality medical services provided in the private sector.

By: Marwa Al-Bahrawi Al-Seyassah Staff

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