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‘Haiman’ good for habitation ‘Pollution levels okay’

KUWAIT CITY, June 22: Deputy Director of the Environment Public Authority (EPA) Mohammad Al-Enezi accused members of the Municipal Council of pursing political interests, reports Al-Qabas daily. He confirmed that EPArecently refused to participate in a workshop in Al-Ahmadi governorate because the body believes that the workshop was out of the specification of the Municipal Council members.

This was revealed at a seminar organized by Kuwait Engineers Society (KES) to discuss results of environmental survey for the southern region. He noted the environment experts agreed on results of the study which proves ‘Umm Al-Haiman’ area is good for habitation.

They explained the study had identified the sources of air pollution in the area, indicating 51percent of pollution was caused by the oil refineries and 37 percent by plants of the private sector in western Al-Shuaiba, in addition to exhaust pipes of vehicles and Burgan oilfield. Even so, the percentage of pollution is still at the level of standard contamination. For her part, Engineer Jenan Bushehri said the seminar aimed to discuss the scientific results of the studies which Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) had conducted on the level of air pollution in the southern area. She called for support of the industrial sector, which she maintained, is committed to the environmental stipulations allotted in this domain

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