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‘No one has right to abuse or humiliate any expatriate’ ‘Filipino workers committed’

According to the Arab Times Twelve Filipino nurses who were working for a homecare centre in Kuwait were allegedly thrown out of their accommodation by their Lebanese manager after filing complaints at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour against their company for contract substitution and other violations.

Moreover, according to the nurses "the company did not follow the salary that was stated in the master contract that they signed in the Philippines. "We're supposed to receive KD 150 but we're only getting KD 120 monthly," disclosed one of the nurses to the Arab Times (June 18 2014). Our expatriate friends and partners are hardworking and honest people. Among these hard working and committed expats, our Filipino expats occupy a special place in Kuwait's culture and society. I personally admire our Filipino expats for their adherence to professional behavior in almost all jobs they occupy.

Filipinos' professionalism, devotion to excellent work ethics and their savvy attitude in the workplace is admirable. Therefore, it is unacceptable in this day and age to bully, coerce or intimidate professional expats.

Our expatriate friends and partners should be respected, appreciated and rewarded for their honest service to Kuwait and its people. For example, it goes against police regulations and standards of professionalism to abuse expats, threaten their lives or humiliate them.

In fact, intimidating or verbally threatening expats goes against all labor regulations in Kuwait. Sometimes however reality hits hard in Kuwait; few people continue to abuse some expats just because they are foreigners!

However, the same arrogant and rude individuals dare not insult or humiliate or bully Western expats. No one has the right to abuse any expat in Kuwait; even if some individuals violate our immigration and labor laws.

Standards of polite and civil behavior dictate that even iqama violators should be treated humanely; if necessary deported according to the requirements of the International Labor Organization's procedures. In order to maintain Kuwait as a welcoming environment for international investment and development; we need to tackle some of the anxieties faced by some of our expats. For example, the government needs to deal decisively with some anti-expat phenomenon. For instance, disrespectful behavior toward some Asian expats, stone pelting public buses used by them, verbally or physically abusing some Asian drivers must stop. As a Kuwaiti citizen, I appreciate every single contribution our Filipino, Asian and Western expats have done for my country.

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By: Khaled Aljenfawi

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