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‘Barrak may not show up’

KUWAIT CITY, June 21: In line with the announcement of more than one party to cooperate with the Public Prosecution and investigation bodies to find the truth behind allegations related to the forged transaction documents, former MP Musallam Al-Barrak seemed to have decided to defy the judicial authority as he unveiled his intention to reject the summon issued by the General Criminal Investigation Department to appear on Sunday for investigation in relation to a case filed by Chairperson of the Supreme Judicial Council Faisal Al-Murshid and other two judges against him. In a similar manner he did last year when he hid in diwaniyas to avoid serving a five-year jail term imposed by the First Instance Court for uttering words deemed offensive to the entity of HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Al-Barrak at the time came up with a lot of excuses for not appearing to serve the sentence.

He claimed he was not official served or the serving order did not specify whether he was summoned as an accused or as a witness. In this regard, legal sources have affirmed the law will be implemented on everyone, including Al-Barrak. They asserted the days of refusing to appear before the court or the Public Prosecution are over.

Sources clarified Al-Barrak has no right to determine priorities of the prosecution or the investigators, and that the process which the concerned authorities are focused on at the moment is to take his statement in regard to the case filed against him. Sources said in case he attempts to repeat the same scenario, the prosecution will issue an arrest order, however, it is known that Al-Barrak usually portrays the image of being a champion in order to be fascinated by the public, while behind the scene he sends through his lawyers reasons for not appearing in front of the concerned authorities.

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