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MP calls for unity against ‘cancerous’ threat in region Queries loom for new Awqaf minister

KUWAIT CITY, June 21: Due to the recent development in Iraq, MPs are keen on ensuring that the Kuwaiti government has no affiliation with certain parties like the Muslim Brotherhood. According to sources, MPs are preparing a number of queries to be submitted to the new minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs as soon as he is appointed. Queries will be regarding donations for the benefit of the public and charity organizations which are not registered in the Ministry of Social Affairs and are known to have close relations with the Muslim Brotherhood, in addition to suspicious activities of strict religious parties in Kuwait. Sources added the MPs have agreed that the queries should not be directed at acting Minister of Justice Mohammed Al-Abdullah due to the temporary nature of his position, so they decided to wait until the new minister is appointed; considering the current parliamentary term is about to end as well. Information which MPs claim to possess allegedly indicate the Kuwait Awqaf Foundation has been granting money yearly for the benefit of the public and charity organizations that have close ties with the Brotherhood, and it does not grant financial support to any other associations.

Additionally, sources revealed the teachers’ association is one of the recipients. The MPs asserted they will have a strong stance towards this matter, as social networking posts indicate there are suspicious activities managed and executed by religious groups in the country. On the other hand, MPYousef Al- Zalzala clarified that since terrorists first revealed their activities in Lebanon, governments in the region have not come together and cooperated to secure the region. He said with the latest development in Iraq, it is now time for governments in the region to come together and face this threat which he described as “cancerous,” as it is slowly destroying the region. He pointed out there will be no room for regret once such threats reach the capitals of countries in the region, reminding governments and the people that these terrorists have already threatened every country around the region in one way or another.

By: Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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