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‘Kuwaitis lose hope in govt, Parliament’ Iran destabilising region: ex-MP

KUWAIT CITY, June 19: Former MP Dr Nami Al-Nami said the people of Kuwait have lost confidence in the government and the Parliament due to the political recklessness of the Legislative and the Executive authorities that created despair in the society. In an interview with Al- Seyassah daily, Dr Al- Nami stressed on the need for constitutional amendments in a manner that corresponds with contemporary times, indicating there are some clauses in the current Constitution exceeding more than 50 years. He condemned the stances taken by Iranian government against the Arab nations in support of Syria’s Bashar Al-Asad regime, the Hezbollah, and other Shiite militia groups.

He pointed out that Iran is playing a major role to destabilize the regional security, especially of the GCC countries. He affirmed that Kuwait is in need of serious democracy and a powerful Parliament whose members respect the rule of law, and with ideas to protect the country by initiating development. He indicated “no ideal Islamic model can be followed in the region, and it is important for Egypt to restore its political weight and pioneering role in the region.”

By: Bassam Al-Qassas Al-Seyassah Staff

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