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Women rights abuse persists

KUWAIT CITY, June 19: Civil society institutions have said the need to approve the law of political parties and political gatherings to provide enough platform and protection for sharing viewpoints, adding the Kuwaiti woman still suffers from all kinds of discrimination and civil rights violations through many laws which are not in line with the articles of the constitution, reports Al- Seyassah daily.

This was revealed at a recent press conference organized by several civil society institutions in the headquarters of the Kuwait Journalists Association to shed light on the periodical report of Kuwait by the United Nations Commission for Human Rights, and related reports submitted to the council.

They pointed to the issue of Bedoun and their legal position in the country and with concerns over their future, stressing the importance of ending the discrimination in dealing with Bedoun issue. The civil institutions stressed the significance of the comprehensive periodical reports presented by Kuwait to the UN Human Rights Commission.

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