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‘Need to work to protect our future through good, healthy environment’ TSCK commemorates ‘World Environment Day’

KUWAIT CITY, June 19: The Scientific Center of Kuwait (TSCK) commemorated the “World Environment Day” on Thursday supported by the Kuwait National Petroleum Company and the Environment Protection Agency, and participation from other local associations.

The slogan of this year’s celebration is “Raise your voice, not the sea level.” The World Environment Day, which falls on June 5, is an initiative launched by the United Nations Environment Programme in 1972 to raise global awareness about environmental problems and the need to find solutions for Conservation of Nature and our planet. Mijbil S. Al-Mutawa, Chairman and Managing Director of TSCK, said, “TSCK celebrates a number of events every year and the most important event is World Environment Day. The slogan of this year’s event is ‘Raise your voice, not the sea level’. We want adults and children to raise their voice to protect this fragile environment that has been devastated by people themselves.” “We shouldn’t be pessimistic but optimistic about the future and put in every effort to bring the environment back to what it was. Today we don’t see the fish that we used to when we were younger, we don’t see shrubs and plants in the desert that we used to, the beaches have also been altered.

The environment all over the world, has been terribly devastated”, he continued. He noted that the World Environment Day is an opportunity to address the message to children, “If you don’t pay attention to the environment you will have no future. So let us work together to protect our future through a good and healthy environment.” Nawaf Al Rudaini, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at TSCK, stated that the organisation aims to simplify the message of science and environmental awareness through an atmosphere of interactive entertainment.

The event was held in two parts; the morning program included presentations by officials from the KNPC and EPA, followed by an exhibition by different parties displaying their environment work in Kuwait like the KNPC, EPA, Seynar Dive Team, Modern Construction Company, K’s Path, and Al Yaal.

The public activities in the evening included workshops specially prepared for the occasion. Children were able to decorate recycled tin cans at stations and were then given soil and seeds to watch the plants grow. Officials from the EPA highlighted the award winning Beatona, Kuwait’s official environmental portal which uses GIS technology on a web cloud server. It contains all data accumulated by the EPA and other sources put into one portal that a user can access.

Beatona is a product of the Environmental Monitoring Information System of Kuwait  (eMISK). Officials from KNPC highlighted their Clean Fuels project whose aim is to upgrade and expand KNPC’s existing Mina Al Ahmadi and Mina Abdullah refineries into an integrated merchant refining complex, meeting the future diversified market requirements while maintaining high safety and environment standards.

The four execution pillars of the project are economy, environment, energy, and safety. Officials listed the different environment design aspects adopted in fuel gas, sulphur recovery and nox burners as well as environment impact statistics. Seynar Dive Team is working towards protecting Kuwait seas by performing boat salvages and disentangling fishing nets caught on the reefs. Currently, they are building an underground city of Kuwaiti landmarks in the southern part of the sea.

By: Cinatra Fernandes Arab Times Staff

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