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Our fear of an internal ‘ISIL’

IT SEEMS we have not learned from the mistakes of the United States of America and some Arab oil-rich countries which conspired to assist those known as ‘Afghan Jihadists’ to fight against the Russian Army in the 1990s. After the liberation of the Afghan land through the help of US ‘Sting’ missiles and unlimited ‘petro-dollar’ funds, the Afghan Jihadists continued their destructive acts and killing spree as if they had nothing else to do.

This issue keeps on recurring with the same scenario and boring details. Here it is, a group of Arabs and Muslims who appear to come from the historic cave and proud to participate in the Syrian civil war. They are proud to commit massacres based on personal identities as they gather millions to participate in the war without anyone saying anything. In fact, our Interior Ministry said what these people are doing in terms of assisting the ISIL and supporting it in Kuwait is an act which the law does not consider a crime.

One of the political experts in the region whom I met in Paris last week said the most generous countries in terms of funding the ISIL and the Nusra group, together with their associates, are the State of Kuwait and the Kingdom of Bahrain. We hope our personal donation will make the ISIL feel merciful towards us by leaving us alone if it succeeds in its quest — may Allah forbid — to invade Kuwait as it had threatened.

Back to the ISIL’s threats to Kuwait and the region, Kuwait tells them, ‘’Their chief martyr Saddam Hussein was dragged like a sick dog from the hole, where he was hiding, into the hanging rope because of the atrocities he committed against Kuwait. In your case — the ISIL — your destiny will be similar to the destiny of your grandfathers who attempted to invade Kuwait in the 1920s during the Jahra War. You will be buried in this free and liberated land. Your bodies will become the meal of stray dogs and predators’’.

But ... the situation is different this time. The people of Kuwait, who stood together against he ‘Brotherhood’ invasion of Kuwait in the 1920s and the people of Kuwait who did not associate themselves with Saddam Hussein during his invasion of Kuwait, are not the current people of Kuwait. We found out some people of Kuwait are infiltrators who recently got naturalized, along with sectarian radicals fascinated by the ISIL and they are not hiding it. The ISIL has adopted the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood and its traditions in regarding others as infidels. Therefore, those affiliated to this dangerous group and those who sympathize with it are the most dangerous.

We, the people of Kuwait, will stand hand-in-hand against the ISIL despite the existence of its fifth line which, unfortunately, exists amongst us. We are not afraid of the ISIL and its empty hullabaloos because it is clear that the group is a foreign enemy. However, we fear the local and internal enemy, or in other words, the internal ISIL members and sympathizers who are in our midst under the eyes of the slack government which tolerates such people.
By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli
Former Minister of Oil

By: Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

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