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Call to promote good values, respect for opinion of others

KUWAIT CITY, June 18: The time has come to respect the opinion of others instead of getting bogged down in sectarian and tribal issues and other forms of intolerance to protect the society from being weakened, say users of modern media means particularly the social networking websites. This came during a seminar which was organized by the Kuwait Transparency Society (KTS) in collaboration with the Kuwait University under the title ‘Youth and Media, Responsibility and Reform’. Taking part in the seminar were media elite and users of social networking websites.

During the seminars most of the speakers stressed on the need to promote good values, principles of citizenship, respect for the opinion of others, tolerance and justice. The tweeter users also pledged their commitment the ‘charter of honor’ by proper use of the media and staying away from what they called subjectivity and skepticism and give priority to Kuwait during different dialogues.

They also urged fellow tweeters to shun broadcasts of tendentious rumors or news from unidentified sources that can damage the very structure of the Kuwaiti society or may harm relations with neighboring or friendly countries and stressed on the importance of educating the community on the dimensions of political issues keeping at heart the interests of the state and the implications ‘rumors’ can have on this country.

Member of the Board of Directors of Kuwait Transparency Society Manal Al-Kandari, stressed on the importance of encouraging young people to adopt transparent approach through the modern media means and social networking websites. She revealed the society is in the process of forming a specialized committee for youth under the title ‘Youth Against Corruption’ to support all projects of interest to young people.

She added, this meeting is the starting point of this committee. Media man Badah Al-Sahli spoke about the keenness and interest of His Highness the Amir in the Kuwaiti youth and this has been reflected in his constant reminders at various forums to give opportunities for young men in various fields. Al-Sahli also praised the government response to recommendations made by HH the Amir, and this has manifested in the creation of the Ministry of Youth in recent years. Al-Sahli continued saying the new media represented by social networking sites has entered the space world and become an effective tool through tweets to convey information immediately.

Radio media man Ali Nijm said the young people are able to deliver the message through social networks, which he described as ‘sources’ clearly characterized by simplicity. He pointed out reform begins from within. Instagram user Dr. Ahmad Abdul-Malek said, “It is natural that there is sectarianism in networking sites and this is a reflection of society, but it is unreasonable to ask the community to be good because this is within our responsibility to reform the society. He added, “The problem is not in the ethics of Kuwaiti citizen but in the law.” Abdul-Malek said the State has delayed in enacting a law to regulate the use of social networking websites and stressed the need to pass legislation in this regard. Presenter of political programs Abdulwahab Al-Issa talked about the corrupt media. He pointed out the definition of this term is still unclear and incomprehensible. He added the media in general is corrupt according to the viewpoint of others, considering that each institution has its media orientation, and there is no general rule for good or corrupt media.

He added, “It is difficult for a presenter to talk about certain reforms because he is committed to the directions of the owners of media institutions. “Unfortunately some people may believe that it is in the hands of the presenter but this is not true,” he said. He pointed to the chaos that we live in social networking sites in terms of insults and verbal abuse and fake accounts which he called ‘natural happenings’ but with time, the society shall expel these toxins and fight against them. Twitter user, Mishari Bu-Yabis talked about the lack of clear definition or classification to young people, and said, “Our problem is that the Ministry of Youth is just in name but lacks youth employees.

To the contrary most of them there are traders.” Bu-Yabis said the reform falls within the responsibility of the legislature and the executive authorities and not individuals. He also praised the reaction and response of some ministers on issues of corruption that are raised by the social networking websites users, most notably Anas Al-Saleh and Dr Ali Al- Obeidi. Tweeter Hussein Arab said: “We still live in a hypocrite, unreal and arrogant society, and due to this reason we suffer from the concepts of misunderstanding whether related to religion, customs or traditions. He added we do not live a life of realism, but idealism and pointed out the reforms stem from the people. “We must put the community in a state of shock to help them live in harmony with each other and perhaps we had achieved real unity and harmony during the Iraqi invasion of our country.”

By: Paul Francis X. Fernandes Arab Times Staff

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