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‘Cut womb of crisis now’ ‘Don’t douse fire with fire’

GET Kuwait out of the ‘placenta’ of revenge before it is aborted by the scrupulous political individuals, as a country like Kuwait has become an Operation Room in which the medical profession is practiced by amateurs of politics - an action which endangers the whole nation. HASHD had claimed that it will cut the placenta of corruption by using the scissors of declaring names and numbers as if it will shoulder the responsibility of getting Kuwait out from the womb of crisis. In addition, it tried to deceive the people by claiming it is in possession of disinfection tools which are required to disinfect the political street in Kuwait, in an attempt to convince the public to fight against the corrupt people since it has become a national responsibility.

Despite that, only those interested in such claims believed the group because those who are politically aware have realized it was just an attempt to prolong the lifespan of revenge and achieve victory through personal conflicts even if it is done through a speeding bullet.  Nevertheless, during the big party held before the seminar about the so-called “dots of truth on the letters of truth”, we saw only soap bubbles which crackled shyly in politics even if some individuals regarded the act as political professionalism and skillful maneuver.

Some people tried to clear their bad thoughts through ‘HASHD’. They showed good intentions, thinking it could be their last chance not because they think HASHD is credible but because they are thirsty for the truth, regardless of how they will quench their thirst as long as the truth is revealed and they drink from the cup of truth.  People have not forgotten the black Yukon case.  The Kuwaiti nation will never be the dress of Laila whose grandmother was eaten by the wolf.

We do not deny that we have corruption in our homeland, yet we condemn those who claim to be protectors and woke up suddenly to protect the nation.  A good politician does not use the nation as fuel to cook in banquets for his political and personal revenge.  He must go to the Public Prosecution with the documents and regulations to sue the violator, or he may consult the decision-makers in order to find a solution.

The street does not create miracles even if it has presented some gifts to the nations throughout history.  The man of yesterday differs from the man of today and all of us should realize the fact that provoking citizens to gather around a certain case only leads to civil war.  The opposition recently took part in instigating political and intellectual conflicts inside the Kuwaiti house. What does HASHD want from the rally?  Why we did not see them organizing rallies when the issue was related to harassing mothers of Muslims and good companions of the Prophet (PBUH), and when copies of the Holy Qur’an were burnt abroad. 

They did not do so because the Holy Qur’an will not give them a political position, while defending the good companions does not necessitate tremendous efforts, especially since corruption is not confronted through claims of legal corruption. If you are really willing to deal with corruption, which has become prevalent in the country, do not use fire to extinguish fire.  If you look forward to more complications, you will see the emergence of poison covered with honey.  I think it is now time to cut the womb before all individuals fall dead due to the personal conflicts.  If this happens, we will cover the entire Earth.

By Intisar Al-Ma’touq

By: Intisar Al-Ma’touq

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