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Kidnapped cop flees

KUWAIT CITY, June 17: Police are looking for two people for allegedly kidnapping a policeman working at the Sa’ad Al-Abdullah Police Station, reports Al-Shahed daily. The victim has filed a complaint with the police. In the complaint the victim said the suspects, one of them known to him, kidnapped him and took him to a desert in Salmi and that he managed to escape from them. The complainant said the person who is known to him called him on his cell phone and asked him to come near a cooperative society in the area under the pretext of discussing a problem. When he arrived at the coop he saw another person with his ‘friend’ and the two men then under threat forced him to get in their car and drove off. He also said the other person was armed with a knife and a pistol.

Forgery for passports: Police are looking for a Kuwaiti for forging official documents, reports Al-Anba daily. A security source said the suspect claimed the passports of his two sons had been stolen from his apartment by unidentified persons and applied for new passports. The office of Citizenship and Travel Documents Department sent the photos of the two sons to the Public Authority for Civil Information to ensure the photos actually belong to his sons and the response was negative. The office then called the applicant several times but he did not respond and having no option left, the authorities put the man’s name on the blacklist. A security source revealed the suspect had falsely alleged that the passports of his sons had been stolen. The sources added, the man was applying for the passport for unidentified persons.

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