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‘Ball in Iraq leaders’ court’ ‘It’s the Sunnis not ISIL’

‘Anyone who thinks the ongoing events in Iraq are propelled by the jihadi forces known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) is mistaken. The reality is that the current state of affairs is driven by revolution of the Sunni population against the Baghdad government’s injustices and prejudice, which have become intolerable — as described by one of the revolutionists. “Since the fall of Saddam Hussein’s regime and the assumption of power by Shiite political parties in Iraq, the Sunni population has been sidelined and discriminated by the regime. We have heard a lot about killings, arrests and displacement of the Sunni Iraqi population in the hands of Al-Ja’afari and Al-Maliki’s governments, with the exception of former Prime Minister Dr Ayed Al-Alawi’s government.

“These sectarian governments have been ruling the ravaged country for quite some time, while Sunni leaders have called upon consecutive governments to better their treatment and shun discrimination and random arrests stemming from useless sectarian tendencies.  “The issue reached a point where former Iraqi vice president Tareq Al-Hashimi was referred to prosecution. Apparently, the former leader’s persecution was motivated by sectarianism, and which had almost triumphed, but he managed to get away unscathed. Generally, the governments that are characterized by abhorred sectarianism and oppression do not continue for long. “It is clear the present situation in Iraq is merely a revolution impelled by Sunni tribes and the families against political tyranny. Members of the Iraqi military realized this new development and decided to run for their lives after discovering they could not measure up to the force behind the armed revolution. As regards to rumors saying the ISIL Forces are responsible for recent onslaughts in Iraq, there is no truth in these allegations at all.

“The only solution at hand is for the Iraqi politicians to adopt democratic principles and shun sectarianism, beginning with fair elections, preceded by review of the voters list, to make sure that Iraqis are the only ones voting and not the Iranians who were naturalized recently for the purpose of voting on sectarian basis. The electoral process should be supervised by international observers and not the people whose keen interest is on allowance. After all, the chaos and foreign intervention will end, once the right democratic principles are in place. “There are people saying the onslaught in Iraq is intended for creating division in the country, but this can only happen with the approval of international community, particularly countries in the region and the concerned authorities. It will be recalled that the current events had started immediately after the visit of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to Turkey. Could his visit have something to do with the current events in Iraq?”

By Yusuf Awadh

By: Yusuf Awadh

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