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Wrong name

I have the following question, which is troubling me, for your Legal Clinic column: Recently I renewed my residency for two years after which I applied for and got my Civil ID ... but in the Civil ID my name is written in reverse. For example, if the name is “Mohammad”, on the Civil ID it is “Dammahom” although in Arabic it is correct. So now, will this incorrectlyspelled name create any problems for me. If so, do I have to go the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) in person and apply for new Civil ID with the correction?

Name withheld
It is better if you go to PACI, located in South Surra off the 6th Ring Round, and get the correction done because the incorrect name in English could cause you a lot of problems in various departments. For example, when you go to the Immigration Department to apply for a visa for your family members, you are required to write the name in both English and Arabic. And if the name is spelt differently on the application form and on the Civil ID or if it does not match the spelling of your name on the Immigration Department computers, your application will be rejected.

You could run into similar problems in various other government departments resulting in loss of time, especially if you require something to be done urgently. You will be then required to get your name on the Civil ID corrected before any transaction is completed. So just approach PACI — and yes, you will have to go in person — and get the name corrected. You will receive your new Civil ID within 24 to 48 hours and it will save you a lot of time... plus embarrassment.

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