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Court acquits expatriate of molesting female neighbour

KUWAIT CITY, June 14: The Criminal Court presided over by Judge Hassan Al-Shimmari acquitted an expatriate of molesting a female neighbor and breaking into her home to have sex with her by force. The Public Prosecution accused the suspect of breaking and entering the house. According to the victim, the suspect drove her to work daily, and on the day the crime took place, he had asked her to invite him to her room but she refused.

The suspect then tried to break down the door to sleep with her by force, and escaped when she resisted. Attorney Talal Sabr Al-Enzi argued in court and proved that the plaintiff’s statement lacked consistency. He stressed the investigation conducted on the case was not up to standard, as the Criminal Evidence Department wasn’t summoned to examine the door and the victim wasn’t examined by Forensic experts.

Verdict overturned: The Court of Appeals presided over by Justice Salman Al-Hamada nullified the verdict of First Instance Court that sentenced an expatriate to one year imprisonment with hard labor for charges related to breach of trust, and instead, acquitted him from all charges. The case files indicated the Public Prosecution accused the expatriate of breaching trust after allegedly embezzling company money he was entrusted while working as a sales representative. The company’s lawyer indicated the defendant used to work as a sales representative before he ‘’absconded’’ and he issued sales receipts in the name of several clients of the company in an attempt to embezzle company money valued at KD 16,013.

Defense lawyer Salah Al-Fahad pleaded with the court that the company did not present the necessary documents related to the alleged embezzlement. He indicated his client should be acquitted due to lack of substantial evidence to convict him, as per article 172 of the penal code. Meanwhile, the Court of First Instance, presided over by Judge Musallam Al-Shahoumi, has acquitted an Egyptian of killing an Asian by running over the victim along the Airport Road. The Public Prosecution had earlier charged the accused with murder. A medical report attached to the case paper revealed the accused ran over the victim, leading to the latter’s death. The prosecution also called for imposing penalties on the accused as per Article154 of the Penal Code. The defendant’s lawyer, Attorney Zaid Al-Khabaz, demanded for the acquittal of his client due to the absence of incriminating evidence

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