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Speaker to expose ‘lies of bigger crook’ Parliament panel to finalise draft law on indemnity

KUWAIT CITY, June 14: As the political street is eagerly waiting for what Parliament Speaker Marzouq Al- Ghanim will announce Sunday on what he calls as “exposing lies of the bigger crook”, reliable sources said the government will brief the political leadership on the procedures to be taken against those who spread rumors against the judiciary in Erada Square and social networking websites, reports Al- Seyassah daily quoting sources.

Sources revealed the concerned authorities are just waiting for the political leadership to give the green light to take tough procedures, indicating the government and other relevant bodies have started studying documents related the public funds issue in order to determine the extent of illegal steps taken by those who spread the rumors.

Meanwhile, the parliamentary committees are about to finalize draft laws and reports regarding the indemnity while Chairman of the Human Resources Development Committee MP Yacoub Al-Sane had promised to submit the panel’s final report to the Parliament prior to the June 24 session for voting before referring it to the government. Sources said speaker urged the head of the committee and its members to submit the final report so as to add the bill to the list of achievements in the current legislative term. In the same context, sources disclosed the Parliament Office has reservations over holding a special legislative session this week because a number of lawmakers have official tasks outside the country and the session might be postponed due to lack of quorum. Sources added Budget and Final Accounts Committee Chairman MP Adnan Abdulsamad has suggested suspension of sessions in the holy month of Ramadan to give the lawmakers an opportunity to worship; however, the proposal will most probably be rejected since the committee needs five more sessions.

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