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Iraqi Shiite tribal fighters pose with their weapons in Baghdad’s Sadr City, Iraq, on June 14, after authorities urged Iraqis to help battle insurgents
‘No need to panic over developments across the border’ Kuwait is secure

KUWAIT CITY, June 14: As the state security agencies follow up tweets and suspicious calls, ministerial sources have said there is no reason for panic, as Kuwait has no business whatsoever in the events happening in Iraq at present, indicating the government understands the concerns of members of the parliament in particular and the people of Kuwait in general.

Official statements indicated government has set people’s mind at rest that every necessary measure will be taken to protect the internal front and it’s coordinating with neighboring friendly countries on its external affairs. As regards to security, reliable sources said patrol units have been mobilized at the border stretch, and with thermal cameras and advanced monitoring devices in place to deal with any situation, noting serious coordination is taking place with the Iraqi security agencies to secure the borders based on integrated security protocol.

Sources explained the video of armed individuals near the Kuwaiti-Iraqi borders that caused panic among the public had been posted via social networking sites, and what they saw in the video was Iraqi military artilleries deployed to the location to secure oil facilities, and they are not militia as rumored. They noted Iraq has taken precautionary measures by deploying military patrols at its borders’’.

Also, the state security agency on Saturday summoned the Secretary- General of Kuwait National Bloc Hakim Al-Mutairi to investigate a statement he posted on his twitter page which were deemed offensive to GCC leaders, while others called on the people to support “ISIL” to enter Kuwait. Al-Mutairi was released after the National Bloc announced that his twitter account had been hacked.

By: Raed Yusuf, Ayed Al-Enezi, Munaif Nayef and Nasser Qadeeh Al-Seyassah Staff

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