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Basic salary KD 147 + overtime I get KD 250, can i get my children on family visa

I work in a reputed company in Kuwait. My basic pay is KD 147. Besides receiving overtime pay, I get nearly KD 250 a month. I want to bring my daughter and son on a visit visa. Is it possible? If so, please let me know the procedure. And secondly can my children apply for a job while on their visit?

Name withheld

Answer: First of all, you have not mentioned the salary on your work permit. That is what matters, not what you earn. And from your question, it seems you are earning less than KD 250 a month and most probably only the KD 147 salary is mentioned on your work permit.

Now, if this is the case you will not get a visit visa. One of the main requirements for visit visas that you should be earning at least KD 250 a month and this is what should be mentioned on the work permit. Secondly, even if you somehow get the visit visa, your children can apply for a job during their visit but they are not allowed to take up any employment. To take up employment you need to get a work permit. And according to the current rules the visit visas can’t be changed to work permits.

For your children to get work permits, their companies must apply for these documents at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor.

Once they get the work permits, they will have to leave the country and return to Kuwait on the new documents.

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