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Cops fired at in bid to help friend flee Police Patrol chased film-style

KUWAIT CITY, June 12: In what is seen as a dangerous precedent and the first of its kind, four unknown persons fired at a Jahra Police Patrol, in an attempt to help a fellow bedoun escape, reports Al- Shahed daily. The shots fired at the police car damaged the windshield but caused no harm to the two policemen. The suspects then reportedly collided with the police car several times in an attempt to force the officer behind the wheel to stop.

However, when the patrolmen requested back up force they escaped. Police are looking for the suspects. Meanwhile, the Jahra police have arrested seven juveniles for assaulting the salesman of a shop selling cell phones, reports Al- Rai daily. The arrest came after an unidentified person informed the Operations Department of the Ministry of Interior.

The suspects have been referred to the Juvenile Prosecution. It has been reported the incident happened when one of the juveniles who had bought a new phone, wanted to return it and the salesman refused to take it because the juvenile had fiddled with the set. And securitymen from the Capital Governorate have arrested a 17-year-old Egyptian for breaking into 15 cars, reports Al-Rai daily. The suspect was arrested after police received complaints from several people and caught the suspect red-handed. The suspect is said to have admitted to committing the crimes. He has been referred to the concerned authorities.

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