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Returning jihadists threat to country’s security: report Ex-MP Wa’alan’s son arrested

KUWAIT CITY, June 12: Police have arrested Mohammad Al-Wa’alan, son of former MP Mubarak Al- Wa’alan, for carrying a cleaver and threatening to ‘punish’ passersby, reports Al- Seyassah daily. This incident is seen as a warning about the danger posed by jihadists returning from ‘jihad’ in Syria - warning that the internal security situation in the country is at risk.

A police source said the arrest came after the Operations Room of the Interior Ministry received dozens of calls from people following which a police patrol sent to the area chased the suspect, cornered him and took him in custody.

The daily added, the suspect in a vain attempt to escape from police, crashed into a police vehicle following which he was arrested and taken to the Bayan Police Station. Nobody knows what measures have been taken against the jihadist and if his father intervened and released him before he was referred to the Public Prosecution. It is a known fact that the former parliamentarian had earlier sought the help of the Kuwaiti embassy in Turkey to repatriate his son back to Kuwait before joining the Syrian opposition in its fight with the Syrian regime.

The father had also earlier succeeded in keeping his son out of an incident in which an unidentified Asian was murdered using an unlicensed pistol. Security sources have said the jihadists returning from Syria and those who instigate others to fight and collect donations to arm the Syrian opposition pose a great danger to the community, especially since these young men are brainwashed by terrorist fatwas under various pretexts. The sources have called on the government and the Interior Ministry to pay necessary attention to this issue and take preventive measures.

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