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Driving license issued on basis of salary mentioned on work permit

My salary on the work permit (Iznaamal) is KD 340. Now my salary reach to 450 KD. I have asked my company to update my work permit so I can apply for driving license.

The company officials are saying that they will update it at the time of renewal of residency which will be almost after 1year.

My company will, in the meantime, issue me salary certificate which will show a salary of KD 450. They will also give me the company’s authorized signature paper (AtmatTouqia).

Please note that I have a masters degree and have also completed 3 years in Kuwait and am working in a bank. Will the Licensing Department issue me a Learner’s Driving License on the basis of the above documents? If not, what should I do?

Name withheld
No, the Licensing Department will not issue you a Learner’s Driving License on the basis of the above documents because the Kuwait Traffic Department’s (KTD) instructions on the issue are very clear.

The KTD clearly says that only the salary which is mentioned on the work permit will be accepted and nothing else.

No other document, regardless of the fact that you are earning over KD 400 (the required minimum for the driving license) will be accepted although you meet the other two conditions for the driving license

— 1) must be a university graduate and

2) must have been in Kuwait at the time of application.

So, there is nothing you can do but wait out until the renewal of your residence because the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor is reluctant to make changes to the work permit midway during a certain period.

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