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Rallies don’t build nations ‘Unwise move in chaotic situation’

TUESDAY is the day designated by the opposition to hold a rally at the Erada Square. The purpose of this rally is to control corruption and disclose the names of those who are involved in it. This gives one the feeling that in our country there is neither the ruling authority nor the government. Honestly speaking, I respect the opposition symbols and their characteristics but the points of agreement far outweigh the points of disagreement.

This is because the method adopted by the opposition to paint the political scenario in the country is unacceptable. This method is sure to add fuel to fire in a war of words and the only victim will be the homeland. This gives cause for concern. The Tuesday rally lacks wisdom and definitely the organizers have failed to walk the right path. The lawmakers or the former majority are sincere and they have adopted certain principles and nobody can doubt this but their behaviors don’t match their principles. Their decision to hold a rally on Tuesday is not wise one given the fact steps in politics needs to be taken one at a time.

Although they are not MPs in the current National Assembly, they have a popular base and command power in politics — more power than the current parliament. Additionally, the status of the members of the so-called majority bloc among the people is unshakeable. Politically they are still influential something which is required of any political movement. They can move the people to the streets anytime they want and any place of their liking. The one who does not realize this fact is unfortunately not familiar with the actual political situation in Kuwait.

Yet, it was possible to adopt other methods although some individuals may allege such rallies are organized to change the destiny of the country in tune with the judiciary, media and satellite TV channels which could be used to achieve the desired goals and send across a message to the people in power and the nation.The problem of rallies at the Erada Square or at any other place is that they create a fertile environment to provoke chaos. Moreover, we can expect an individual to commit a crime taking advantage of the situation. Even in the event of an unintentional ‘act’ who will shoulder the responsibility particularly if the act is related to safety and security of the people?

The region is ‘burning’ and the position of our Arab world in general and the region in particular has become dull where a tiny spark can flare civil wars. Kuwait is very gracious but the greedy people are many and this situation demands that we turn our backs on chaos. I trust the intentions of our brothers in the majority bloc but good intentions alone are not enough if they are not supported by good deeds (political) through wisdom and foresight which necessitates a change of style. The solution does not lie in rallies which are like opening the Pandora’s Box.

I wrote this article before noon Sunday after the judiciary had issued its verdict against the sons of Kuwait (Falah) Al-Sawwagh and (Khaled) Al-Tahous. Whatever the verdict and people’s opinions, the judiciary is the shelter for all after Allah the Almighty. I do not know if the rally will be held as scheduled or new circumstances will force its cancellation. I entreat Allah the Almighty to protect Kuwait, its Amir and its people from any harm.

By Yousef Awadh

By: Yousef Awadh

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