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Air Kraken bag FBOK’s ‘Counter-strike’ tourney title Renegades Assault squad easily beaten in final

KUWAIT CITY, June 9: Air Kraken showed a lot of class to emerge as champions in the “Counter-strike Global Offensive Network Game”, organized recently by the Filipino Bots Organization of Kuwait (FBOK). The Air Kraken team - Arj Lesaca (captain), Holden Ita-as, Luis Herrera, Bon Elamparo and Brehn Garcia - easily beat the Renegades Assault squad of Jon Badua (captain), Sanher Flordeliza, Leeforp Alonzo, Jong Rimando and Mike Florendo by 16-10 points in the final to claim the title. Earlier, in the elimination round, Air Kraken had thrashed the Renegades Assault team by 16-7 points before they went on to hammer the Raptors Team - based on Hans Ita-as (captain), Maureen Ita-as, Martin Vidal, Des Mendoza and Paul Andrade by a similar score to book their place in the final.

Renegades Assault also earned a place in the final, and with that a shot at the title, when they Raptors Team 16-12 in the last elimination round game which saw some very tough competition. This was the first tournament organized by FBOK which was founded on May 12, 2014. On the same day the following were elected as officers of the organization for the year 2014 (some of the players are also known by the players mentioned in the brackets):

Officers (Year 2014)
President: Jan Joseph Badua (Knackxjonjon)
Vice-President: Sunny Flordeliza (Mr_Sun)
Secretary: Des Mendoza (Babybot18)
Treasurer: Paul Andrade (AirPJ)
BOT Members:    Hans Ita-as (Up_Doom); Maureen Ita-as (Shotgun Girl); Holden Ita-as (Hammiemon); Jonathan Rimando (Mastapix); Jeb Elamparo  (Knightwings); Dianne Elamparo (Mrs. Smith); Bon Elamparo (Boram); Arj Lesaca (Techfreak); Brehn Garcia (Brehndamage); Ryan Aguilar (Bluesteel); Nadia Lesaca    (Pixiedust); Tim Torres Jr. (Timolicious).
BOT Advisers:    Janette Rimando (LadyBiker); Raiza Elamparo (DarkAngel); Cathy Lesaca; Vanessa Aguilar; Roxanne Alonzo; Jacklyn Flordeliza; Elaine Andres; Kathy Elamparo; Jan Lapason.

Mission statement
The aim of FBOK is to “Promote online and network First Player Shooting (FPS) games both in leisure time and at tournament level for its members and foster camaraderie among PC gamer enthusiasts in Kuwait”.

Club profile
The organization has been established by a group of Filipino PC Gamers in Ahmadi and Mangaf area in Kuwait. This group of friends who are also badminton, basketball and car fanatics have been playing these games since May 2013 through Counter-Strike Source and eventually evolved into playing Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Currently there are 20 players or as we call them “BOTS” (a computer generated AI), who play every Thursday and Friday in their spare time.

Club’s other activities
Charitable works will also be organized through “tournaments for acause”, the proceeds of which will go to known charitable institutions such as Red Cross and the Red Crescent Society.


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