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Elderly Pakistani illegal nabbed

KUWAIT CITY, June 9: A Pakistani man in his 60s has been arrested for infiltrating into the country two years ago via Al-Salmi border outlet. He admitted working for a company here in Kuwait ever since.

Sources said Jahra securitymen came across the Pakistani and asked for his civil ID but they were surprised when he showed an identity card written in English language, which indicated he was working for a company that has a contract with the Kuwait University.

They also discovered he had no other official documents. Apparently, the suspect had entered Kuwait illegally through Salmi border outlet after he went to Saudi Arabia to perform the rites of the minor pilgrimage (Umra).

In the last two years, he worked for a company that provided him a written ID card in English Language. He was referred to the relevant authority.

Maids held: Jahra security operatives arrested a youth and two of his compatriots escaped after hitting a patrol car. The youth was in possession of drugs during arrest. Meanwhile, two housemaids were arrested when security operatives checked their details and discovered their sponsors had registered absconding cases against them.

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