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Boost ‘sought’ in Kuwait, India ties

KUWAIT CITY, June 9: Indian Ambassador to Kuwait Sunil Jain hailed relations between his country and Kuwait, particularly in the economic and investment fields, reports Al-Rai daily.

According to the ambassador, his country grants privileges to businessmen to encourage them to invest in the country, such as the five-year residence permit which can be renewed and the easy visa procedures. He disclosed the Indian Embassy in Kuwait issued over 10,000 multi-purpose visas to Kuwaitis — a reflection of deep relations between the two countries.

He pointed out that India imports oil from Kuwait at an estimated cost of $1.5 billion annually, while it exports several products to Kuwait like jewelry, gold and other commodities. He affirmed the policy of the new Indian government is effective as it managed to create a large scale of middle class in the Indian society wherein two classes dominated earlier — the rich which is the minority and the poor which is the majority. He also unveiled his country’s vision to further strengthen coordination with Kuwait, urging the health sector authorities to visit India to personally experience the latter’s health services as the country is full of modern hospitals with efficient medical staff.

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