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HH the Amir received visiting Albanian Parliament Speaker Ilir Meta at Seif Palace
KUWAIT AGAIN SHUTS TWO NEWSPAPERS OVER BAN ‘Justice’ denial steals opposition fire - ‘Keep judiciary away from unfounded rumors’

KUWAIT CITY, June 9, (Agencies): A few months after the so-called ‘Opposition Alliance’, along with the ‘godfathers’ of HASHD Movement — former MPs Musallam Al- Barrak and Ahmad Al- Saadoun, launched scathing attacks against senior officials, sheikhs and the judiciary regarding a swell-up in their accounts and receiving bribes, the Supreme Judiciary Council broke its silence and confirmed that papers or checks in the name of its Head Judge Faisal Al-Morshid and the advisors are not correct, reports Al- Seyassah daily.

The council revealed it had informed the Public Prosecution about the rumors and insults spread through various social networking sites against the judiciary in order to take the necessary legal procedures to unveil the truth and punish violators. In this context, Al-Morshid said in a recent press statement, “All allegations about papers and checks under my name and my colleagues are false.

Therefore, I opted to inform the Public Prosecution to disclose facts and stop the chaos. I also informed the prosecution about those who insulted us through social networking sites, so I advise those who followed this path to keep the judiciary away from unfounded rumors.”

Meanwhile, rumor has it that Erada Square, which is opposite the National Assembly, will soon witness a rally whose organizers and supporters persist in walking against the current in an alleged attempt to confuse the legislative and executive authorities to achieve goals attainable only in their imaginations. However, parliamentary sources expect issuance of a directive to the guards at the National Assembly to be ready in case the rally takes place. Sources added the Parliament speaker had requested for backup from the National Guard.

Commenting on the issue, MP Saadoun Hammad raised doubts on the credibility of the opposition in terms of its claim that it has information on the purported bribery. He accused the opposition members of seeking supporters to help them return to parliamentary life. He pointed out that if they are serious and truthful, they should resort to the Public Prosecution and provide it with the alleged information or pieces of evidence, instead of inciting the public to hold a rally at Erada Square.

He asserted the Kuwaiti nation has spotlighted the malpractices of the selfdeclared opposition group, wondering why they did not reveal the information they claim to have in a press conference or through social networking sites like Twitter.

He added those people want to escalate tension on the political street to push for early parliamentary elections regardless of the manner they serve this purpose  On the other hand, MP Nabil Al-Fadhel said those who are running to Erada Square are merely seeking for fame which has become a thing of the past. He alleged the Brotherhood Movement is behind this mess, particularly after they put Al-Barrak in the front and used him to achieve certain objectives.

He stressed that even if these objectives seem good at the outset, they are meant to confuse the two authorities, shake people’s trust in the institutions of the country, and then dominate the government and Parliament. He inquired why Al-Barrak — if he is really sincere in his call for reform — did not go to Public Prosecution to take legal steps if he has evidence.

He wondered why he did not go to the media and satellite channels to present the documents he allegedly possesses. Al-Fadhel thinks Al-Barrak is just searching for fame as he eagerly tries to reappear in the political arena by claiming that he is still able to gather people around him. He added, “Even if 10,000 people attended the rally, what is their percentage compared to the total number of citizens or even the voters?”

Although he does not expect them to commit the same mistake by storming into the Parliament, Al-Fadhel challenged them to repeat the error as the security systems are completely different from those in the past. He stressed the need to disclose the names of those who supposedly sold Kuwait, because it is useless to talk about corruption and numbers without revealing the names of beneficiaries. It is worth mentioning that Al-Fadhel submitted a draft law to ban holding a rally without a permit from the interior minister. He proposed penalties like one-year imprisonment or KD500 fine against any person who calls for holding a rally without getting license through media or electronic websites. A judge in Kuwait on Monday ordered two newspapers to close for the second time in two months for defying a ban on an alleged coup plot, the dailies said.

The independent Al-Watan and Alam Al-Youm were ordered to close for five days following an information ministry complaint last week after they published a story on videotapes that were banned from publication while the case was in the hands of the Public Prosecution. Al-Watan is owned by a senior member of the Al-Sabah ruling family while Alam Al-Youm is close to the opposition. The two papers were closed for two weeks from April 20 for carrying news on the videotapes after the Gulf state’s attorney general ordered a total blackout while the issue was under investigation.

The videos have shaken the oil-rich emirate, prompting the investigation and parliament to hold a secret debate on the issue. The royal court has also called for calm. The new developments unfolded with the opposition planning a public rally for Tuesday, its first in more than a year, to expose what it calls major corruption scandals. The OPEC member appeared to be sliding back into political turmoil following months of relative calm after years of bitter crises between MPs and the government. Between mid-2006 and last year, about a dozen governments were formed and parliament was dissolved six times.

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