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Zain, Huawei opens joint innovation center First of its kind in the Middle East – Gegenheimer

KUWAIT CITY, June 8: Instead of traditional ribbon cutting ceremony, a palm like button was pushed to open the doors to the Zain and Huawei joint innovation center today (Tuesday), inaugurating the launch of this one-of-a-kind project. The center will serve as a research hub from which Zain, in collaborations with Huawei, will be able to further advance its mobile broadband technologies and applications offered to its costumers locally and regionally. The announcement was made prior to the inauguration ceremony, with the attendance of executives from both organizations including Zain Group CEO Scott Gegenheimer, Zain Kuwait CEO Omar Al-Omar, Board Member and President of Carrier Software Business of Huawei Alex Zhang   and President of Carrier Business Group of Huawei in the Middle East James Wu.

Commenting on the launch which he described as a “milestone for Zain Group and a first of its kind in the Middle East,” Scott Gegenheimer  said that efforts and innovation in the telecommunications industry is moving faster and faster as the days go by, and through the new joint innovation center, Zain will be able further its efforts in delivering the best possible services, and seamless communication services to costumers.

In his turn, Alex Zhang affirmed that Zain is well know for being one of the leaders in this industry, lamenting that the revolutionary 4G network was introduced some time ago, and today, another innovative program is launched, synergizing the two companies experience in the field. Alex Zhang mentioned that Kuwait is an exciting market within the region’s telecom landscape, asserting the company’s keenness in contributing to the development of the overall mobile broadband ecosystem. In another hand, commenting on this latest collaboration, Omar Al-Omar lamented that this program is but an extension of Zain’s and Huawei’s long history of collaborations.

He said that Zain aims to further develop its innovative platforms to better serve costumers, especially with Zain’s future plans to develop the LTE technology and other related applications. Moreover, Al-Omar mentioned that the center will serve as a vital link between Zain’s and Huawei’s research and development teams, through the use of several virtual conferencing technologies. “The center will also serve as a hub to build latest innovative solutions and technologies, helping Zain enter new markets” Al-Omar added. He went on to explain that the center consists of four main research areas: Enterprise, Home, Individual and Zain Zone. The enterprise area will focus on research regarding corporate  needs, and corporate costumers are welcome to visit, in order to learn about the latest research and development in this area.

In the other hand, the Home area specializes in the research and development of home automation solutions, specifically in designing smart home applications. These areas were showcased to the media and the executives after the announcement, when a tour around the center took place. Amongst the showcased technologies was a “children tracking device,” which a child wears around his wrist like a watch, in addition to tracking capabilities, if the child somehow gets into any kind of trouble, he can press a button and the device will start calling 4 pre-programmed numbers continuously until one picks up.

One of the research members at the center informed the Arab-times that this is the building block, of which Zain and Huawei will develop means and technologies that will serve society, not only in telecommunications, but health, security and other utilities as well. The inauguration of the joint innovation center comes shortly after Zain and Huawei signed an enhanced Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), as part of HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Sabah recent visit to the People’s Republic of China, discussing mutual economic developments.

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb
Arab Times Staff

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