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Court rejects appeal filed by Ethiopian maid on death row

KUWAIT CITY, June 8: The Court of Cassation has rejected the appeal filed by the lawyer of an Ethiopian housemaid who had been sentenced to death for murdering her employer in Jaber Al-Ali. Case files indicate that on Nov 17, 2011, the Ethiopian maid murdered her 25-year-old employer by chopping the latter’s head off a day before her wedding. Detectives later arrested the maid at the airport as she tried to leave the country.

Meanwhile, the Criminal Court postponed until June 22 the hearing on the case of an Ethiopian housemaid accused of murdering Siham Fuleitah — the 19-year-old the daughter of her employer. It has been reported the Ethiopian killed the victim in retaliation as she had a dispute with her sponsor who asked her to clean the house even if she was hired as a cook and there was another maid in charge of the cleaning. She admitted to killing the girl while she was asleep, during which she stabbed her several times and then she surrendered to the police.

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