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‘Deport expats using deceitful methods to make extra cash’ ‘Most residents honest, hardworking’

In a very interesting online poll conducted by a journalist from the Arab Times, it was found that 44 % of those who voted complained about Airport porters.

Dubbed by many as “Trolley- Mafia,” these Airport porters charge passengers 500 fils for a free trolley service (see Arab Times June 4, 2014)!.

I would even argue that such manipulative characters usually come from a very troublesome nationality and that some of them tend to organize mafialike gangs in different places in Kuwait.

For example, rumor has it that these kinds of people do actually pay a certain amount of money to each other and to their contracting companies to reserve their postings around transactions traffic lights!.

One can see such individuals who usually pretend to be “Maskeens” cleaners wandering around traffic intersections, pretending to sweep and clean their designated areas, but in reality begging from drivers who stop at traffic lights. I have seen so many such deceitful individuals dusting the same amount of street dirt without actually disposing it. In other words, such people exploit the goodness and kindness of expats and citizens. I was told once that such loafers sell their postings at intersections to each other.

Moreover, such mafia-like groups do seem to form gangs to control trolley services in some major supermarkets; in some government departments; offering their services to visitors, both expats and citizens.

Coming from a poor social background does not justify exploitative and manipulative behavior. We have hundreds of thousands of hard working expats who try to make means meet ends, without becoming burdens on others.

In fact, I don’t think that we faced moral dilemmas in dealing with our dear friends and partners; those hardworking expats.

However, since the introduction of a particular nationality in Kuwait after the 1990s, we have been facing so many challenges.

For instance, according to what one reads in our local media, some selfish, usually shifty characters do commit different crimes in Kuwait.

They usually get arrested in certain areas like Hasawi or Jaleeb Al-Shuyoukh while practicing all kinds of crimes; organized prostitution, selling illegal commodities, selling unhealthy food in open and illegal makeshift markets.

We have hundreds of thousands of hard working expats who enrich our Kuwaiti culture and society. These hard working expats bring with them the richness and variety of their national cultures; and we as Kuwaitis learn a lot from them.

However, there is a tiny minority of unprofessional workers who in addition to violating our laws and regulations, do actually introduce uncivil and corrupted practices into our society. Those who tend to be manipulative and deceitful individuals exploit Kuwait’s generosity and tolerance.

Such individuals, due to their devious ways and dishonest practices become a nuisance to both Kuwaitis and expats. These untrustworthy individuals should be deported immediately.

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By: Khaled Aljenfawi

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