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Bearded man in short dishdasha shouts at Imam during prayers Securitymen arrest 13 Asians trying to steal from project site

KUWAIT CITY, June 7: In a strange incident, worshippers to Al-Kharafi mosque were surprised when a person with long beard and short dishdasha started shouting after Friday prayer and ordered the Imam to give him the microphone, reports al-Seyassah daily.

The man is said to have abused the Imam and called him names like hypocrite and coward to the resentment and displeasure of worshippers after the Imam declined his orders. Apparently, the man in question owns a centre well-known for advocating strange ideologies, so the worshippers left the mosque when he started preaching.

 13 Asians arrested: Security officers from the Capital arrested 13 Asians who tried to steal building and sanitary ware from a public project at west Sulaibikhat, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. The 13 Asians were caught in the act while parking a truck opposite the under construction project and tried to escape on foot after learning they had been exposed. The officers chased and arrested them one after the other.

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